The past years we have been visiting many of our old acquaintances. Friends who run what we consider being perhaps the best workshops in all of Italy. Why have we done this you may wonder? Well, there is, of course, the food… However, the primary reason is that we have been searching for the best possible craftsmen to produce what we sincerely think is the highest value for money, made in Italy tailoring on the market today. 

After many rounds of trial and error, we finally found the central Italian workshop that is producing our new line of handmade, well-tailored suits and sport coats. Made exclusively for you, the clients of SPIGA 3.

We are confident that we  provide the best value for money Italy has to offer. With everything from unconstructed linen sport coats to fully canvassed business suits, we are sure that you can find everything you want and need. 

Unlike most private labelling, we haven't simply put our label on an existing product, and then increased the price. Instead we've worked with some of the most recognized pattern makers and tailors in Italy to create new models, that are only produced for SPIGA 3.