Poggianti 1958

Since 1958, Leonardo Poggianti and his family have been making some truly great shirts in the small Tuscan town of Forcoli, just outside Pisa. Originally, the company produced shirts for some of Italy's most well-known brands, but at the beginning of the 90s the company introduced collections under the Poggianti 1958 label. 

Poggianti has two main collections: one for classic Italian style, business shirts in great cotton qualities from some of the best Italian mills; and a sporty, washed collection that is characterized by novel uses of colours and prints. Both collections are still made completely in-house in Poggianti'sForcoli factory. We especially love the beautiful roll of Poggianti's button-down and spread (or as the Italians call them: collo franchese) collars, and their exceptional slim fit cut. 

Jonas first started working with Poggianti when they first introduced their own collections, and the cooperation has been going strong for almost 25 years. In our brick and mortar store in Gothenburg, we have a selection of business and sports shirts from Poggianti. Furthermore, we are happy to offer a su misura service with Poggianti, that we think offers some great value for money.