A lot of companies lose their soul and individuality when they grow, but that’s not the case with Lardini. Despite employing over 250 seamstresses in their Filottrano factory, they are still very much a family company. Founded in 1978 by then 18-year-old Luigi Lardini, and his siblings Andrea and Lorena, the company first produced excellent suits, sport coats and outerwear for some of Italy’s leading fashion brands.

Although Lardini started out producing for others, the company has under Luigi Lardini's creative lead become famous for creating inspiring garments that make use of innovative fabrics and designs, always realised with high-end craftsmanship. All jackets and suits feature Lardini’s signature lapel flower, which has become an icon in the menswear industry.

Our relationship with Lardini began in the early 1980s, when Jonas was introduced to the Lardini family while visiting an old friend who lives not far from Filottrano. At Spiga 3, you’ll find a selection of sport coats and suits in exciting fabrics, always adapted to the season.