G.abo Napoli

We first laid eyes on Gabo Napoli during the summer of 2012 and immediately fell in love with their distinctive house style. It is quintessentially Neapolitan, yet very much unique. The company has a rich history and is a family business that is currently run by cousins Giuseppe Nicotera (or as we know him, Beppe) and Gianfranco Altobelli, whose grandfather founded the company. 

Gabo's garments distinguish themselves with a fantastic cut and a distinctive Neapolitan house style, which makes them the given choice for any lover of Neapolitan tailoring. By mixing the best of classic Neapolitan tailoring and modern styles, they have created what Beppe and Gianfranco like to call a 'Sartoria Contemporanea', which translates to a 'contemporary tailor'.

At Spiga 3, you will find Gabo sport coats, suits and overcoats in carefully selected fabrics from the best mills in Italy, always adapted to the current season. We work with designs that make use of Neapolitan details such as a soft spalla camicia, and barchetta pockets, as well as a superbly light canvas construction that creates a beautiful swooping lapel line.