Boglioli is a Gambara based company with a strong heritage in the tailoring business. Before the second world war, Pier Angelo Boglioli founded a small tailoring shop, who under the control of his children and grandchildren has grown to become one of the most influential brands in the business. 

Boglioli's role as an innovation leader was firmly cemented at the beginning of the last decade, when they revolutionised the menswear scene with their unconstructed, washed tailoring. The idea came to Pierluigi Boglioli when he realised that the younger generations had abandoned wearing jackets and suits in favour of more casual styles. His response was to create a type of tailoring which bridged the gap between the elegance of old, and the comfort and sportiness of today. Since then, many have copied Boglioli's signature style, but if you ask us, none have surpassed them. 

Our relationship with Boglioli started in the early 2000s when Jonas was the first in Scandinavia to start working with the brand. Since then, Boglioli has been a staple in the elegant, effortless style we love. At Trädgårdsgatan 3, you will find a selection of cotton and wool jackets and suits in a range of different cuts.