Trunk Shows


7-8th of April at Trädgårdsgatan 3

On Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of April we are hosting our first MTM trunk show with Mauro Blasi of the legendary Blasi tailoring dynasty from Naples. The family is perhaps best known for starting and running Sartoria Partenpoea, who we've previously worked with at SPIGA 3 before the company was sold a few years ago. After leaving Sartoria Partenpoea, Mauro recruited some of the best tailors in the entire Naples area and started a new company, under his own name. The production is still as great as before, with an entirely handmade and beautifully cut garment. 

Mauro will be taking orders for MTM suits, sport coats, coats and trousers with an estimated delivery time of 6 weeks. 

For appointments or questions, please contact us at or +4631-130570.


12-13th of May at Trädgårdsgatan 3

We are happy to announce our first trunk show with Freccia Bestetti, under its new management of director Marco Facchinetti. Since the tragic passing of Riccardo this past fall, there have been a lot of insecurities regarding the future of the company, and the distincinctive Bestetti style of shoemaking. After many discussions with Marco, we are confident that Freccia Bestetti shoes will continue to represent some of the world's finest shoemaking in the future as well, always being made in the spirit of Riccardo and by the craftsmen he trained over the years. 

Bestetti will be visiting us for a bespoke, Novecento and Made to Order trunk show during Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th of May. Due to managerial changes in the company, with improved logistics and material sourcing, MTO delivery times are now estimated to be about 5 weeks rather than the previous estimate of 12, so it is the perfect time to order yourself some nice summer footwear. 

For appointments or questions, please contact us at or +4631-130570.